On Being Right


real manThe man who wishes in sincerity to be right in all that he thinks and does is the very best kind of man because he is the man that must be right even if he must prove himself wrong.

He questions everything yet when he comes to believe something he is unshakable in his beliefs. He is the greatest kind of man because he is the living embodiment of the paradox of our humanity - he is a living contradiction. He is a man of both philosophical truth and scientific fact, yet no matter how his ideas and beliefs change over time he is always the same because he is true to himself - he is true to the pursuit of knowledge and the conquest of reason.

He lives in his ideas, he is an interior man, yet he lives in the exterior world. He is the archetype of the Righteous Man because it is not enough for him to believe correctly but to live correctly. He understands that objective facts and subjective truth are both apart of the same reality and that neither is subject to change. He is the best kind of man because he is the real man - he has come to accept reality even if it is not the way he originally wanted yet he owns it because he realizes it belongs to all men.

However, he is the most dangerous type of man and the noblest sort of hero for it is his mind that rules him and from there all great revolution begins because he is the critical thinker.

This is the type of person which all people should strive to be. Everyone wishes to be right but how many are willing to think critically. Today, we hear the words fake news and alternative facts but these things would go away when we begin to hunger for authenticity and honesty.

We live in a world where we would rather play in a fantasy than reality, we would rather people be nice than for them to be honest. As long as a populace does not think critically then it shall become the populace under the thumb of tyranny. This is why the man, who wishes to be right, is the revolutionary because he does not seek to topple empires but minds. He carries no bias and yet every bias. He is always open to new ideas but does not throw the old ones away simply because they are old because he is wise enough to know that the forebears of humanity and the harbingers of civilization were at times wrong but were often right.

When we own our own humanity and by extension humanity as a whole then we may make a move to do something right.